Aadhaar Card Services Closed 2022 (UIDAI) | Address Validation Letter and Reprint

Aadhaar Card Services Closed 2022 (UIDAI): The current Aadhaar is no longer just your identity card. It is compulsory to have a base for government work, banking or other important work. In addition, it is very important to update the information given in the Aadhaar card from time to time.

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) provides all types of updates related to Aadhaar. Authorities have suspended two Aadhaar services indefinitely. This will affect all Aadhaar cardholders.

Aadhaar Card Services Closed: UIDAI authorities have stopped these two services

UIDAI has stopped the facility of updating address on Aadhaar card through Address Validation Letter till further notice. Tenants or other Aadhaar cardholders can easily update their addresses through this letter.

UIDAI has removed the Address Validation Letter option from its website. You can update addresses from this list by proving other valid addresses

Address validation services are closed:

UIDAI stopped the process of updating Aadhaar card address through validation letter. Through this process, people who are basically tenants could easily update their addresses.

UIDAI has removed the option of update via address validation letter from their website.

However, you can now update your address through any other address proof. However, UIDAI has not yet given an update on what options tenants will use in this case.

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Aadhaar card re-print service has been stopped:

The reprint of Aadhaar card has been stopped as per the announcement of Aadhaar authorities last May. In other words, the new reprint of Aadhaar card will not match. From now on, there will be no option to reprint Aadhaar card on UIDAI’s website.

Instead, you can apply for a PVC Aadhaar card, UIDAI said. Aadhaar cards made of the same material as ATM or PAN cards will be matched in this way. It will be much more durable than ordinary Aadhaar cards. You can also print e-Aadhar on flexible paper.

Incidentally, UIDAI has launched a new ‘mAadhaar’ app at the beginning of July. Aadhaar card identification in multiple languages, 35 benefits like Aadhaar card update will be available through this app. Through this, from now on, services like download, change of address etc. will be available.

Aadhaar Card Services Closed: What is the service instead of the old Aadhaar?

In response to a question from a user on Twitter, the Aadhaar Help Center tweeted about the old Aadhaar card print. If you want, you can take a print out of e-Aadhaar and keep the paper with you.

Official Website of UIDAI: Link

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