Bainchigram Railway Station: জিআরপি, আরপিএফের হেনস্থার প্রতিবাদে বৈঁচিগ্রাম স্টেশনে অবরোধ হকারদের

Bainchi Gram Railway Station: জিআরপি, আরপিএফের হেনস্থার প্রতিবাদে বৈঁচিগ্রাম স্টেশনে অবরোধ হকারদের

Bainchigram Railway Station: Hawkers block Bainchi Gram Station in protest of GRP, RPF harassment

Bainchigram Railway Station: Restrictions are in place in the state to prevent coronavirus infection. Local train services are closed for ordinary passengers. Some staff special trains are running only for railway workers. These trains have boarding clearance for those associated with emergency services.

Meanwhile, a blockade took place at Banchigram station of Howrah-Burdwan mainline branch of Eastern Railway in Hooghly on Tuesday. The hawkers blocked.
Hawkers are alleged to be harassed by GRP and RPF as soon as they get on the train. Local train is their livelihood.

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The movement of that train is not normal yet. Some staff special trains are running now. The hawkers started blockading the Up Burdwan local in Banchigram in protest of the oppression of the railway police.

Bainchigram Railway Station: Local Train

It is to be noted that in the last few days, news has come to light of blockades at various stations demanding the introduction of local trains.

It may be mentioned that the state is not launching local trains, for the time being, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said on August 12. The Chief Minister said, “I am taking some more time to start the local train because we have to see the third wave.” It will remain for another 15 days, until August 30.

Meanwhile, the Chief Minister spoke of efforts to speed up vaccination. He said that the train will be started after 50 percent vaccination.

After Mamata Banerjee was sworn in as Chief Minister for the third time on May 5, the state government decided to stop local trains due to corona infection. Since then local train services have stopped in the state. Only ‘Staff Special Train’ is running. In this situation, it is clear from the Chief Minister’s statement that there is no possibility of launching local trains right now.

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