E PAN Download online: How to download e-PAN online? Direct Link for apply e PAN Card

E PAN Download online: অনলাইনে e-PAN Card কিভাবে ডাউনলোড করবেন - ধাপে ধাপে প্রক্রিয়া |

E PAN Download online: How to download e Pan card online – step by step process

E PAN Download online: In the past, even if you spent a lot of time getting a document from a government office, the document could not be obtained at the right time. But now that process has been simplified a lot. It is possible to get a verified PAN card in just 10 minutes. It can be downloaded by verifying your PAN in just 10 minutes through the Verify Your PAN option.

A few days ago, in a social media post, the Income Tax Department informed me that it is now easier to apply for a PAN card. Those who have an Aadhaar card and have Aadhaar linked mobile numbers will get an e-PAN card in just 10 minutes. That e-PAN can be downloaded in PDF format. This process is extremely time-consuming and environmentally friendly. No paper or plastic will be used here

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 How to apply for e-PAN step by step?

Step 1- First you need to open any internet browser. And type in the address bar – https://www.incometax.gov.in/iec/foportal/

Step 2 – The homepage will have a link to apply for e-PAN. Click on it.

After step 3, another link window will open. There will be a written Gate New e-PAN. Click there.

After step 4, a new page will open. Where Aadhaar number, mobile number, date of birth should be given. After that, an OTP will come to the registered phone.

Step 5- You have to submit with that OTP.

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How to download e-PAN after that?

Step 1- Click on the e-PAN tab on the homepage again.

After step 2 another window will open. There will be a check status and download PAN option. Click there.

Step 3- After clicking, you will be asked to know the Aadhaar number. After giving the Aadhaar number, if it matches, an OTP will come on the phone. The status of PAN can be seen after giving OTP.

Step 4– If the status of PAN is correct and if it is created then applicants can download it.

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