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Online Voting APP download | Direct Link| Official Website

e Voting APP Download: The country’s first smartphone-based e-voting solution has been developed by the Telangana government and a dry run will be held in Khammam district soon. The software helps some voters, including senior citizens, persons with disabilities, those employed in notified essential services, polling personnel, and patients who can’t vote physically.
Technical support for this project was provided by the Center for Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC). The development has also been guided by an expert committee comprising professor Rajat Moona, director of IIT-Bhilai and technical advisor to the Election Commission, and professors from IIT-Bombay and IIT-Delhi.

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For this, registration will be done in this mobile app from 8th to 18th October and then on 20th October ‘Dummy’ will be selected.

Telangana State Election Commission:

All citizens of the district will be allowed to participate in the fake vote. In this initiative, the Telangana State Election Commission (TSEC) and the Center for Technology and Development of Advanced Computing are working closely. The purpose of the e-voting app is to enable people with disabilities, senior citizens, people in essential services, sick people, polling staff and IT professionals to vote.

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Online voting is being arranged in the wake of the Covid epidemic. There is a section of society in Corona who cannot go out to vote. To protect the voting rights of all those people, this e-voting app has been created. Professor Dr. Rajat Munar, the director of IIT Villai, has a big role to play. Rajat Munar is also a technical adviser to the Election Commission of India. Many professors from IIT Bombay and IIT Delhi are working on creating e-voting apps.

e voting app download:

The e-voting app will have a three-factor verification process that will identify valid voters so that fake votes do not occur. Through the authentication process, the name will first be matched with the Aadhaar, it will be identified whether the voter is alive and the voter’s picture will be matched through the EPIC database. A 15-20 year data has been prepared to match the image so that even if someone created a voter ID 15-20 years ago, there would be no difference in the image.

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Mobile blockchain technology will be used to keep a complete record of votes. This app has a minimal design so that people are not confused. This app will work in English and Telugu. How to use the e-voting app is explained with a video in the app. A helpline number has also been provided to help people.

Artificial intelligence and blockchain technology are being used extensively in government today. For this reason, people are being given benefits sitting at home. New technology is making it easier to provide transparent and corruption-free services to the people. The government is using it vigorously in many of its technology projects. The Telangana e-voting app is one such example.


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