Fingerprint sensor Smart Car 2021: Genesis brings Face ID fingerprint sensor on cars

Fingerprint sensor Smart Car 2021: ফেস আনলক থেকে ফিঙ্গারপ্রিন্ট সেন্সর, গাড়িতে স্মার্টফোনের মতো প্রযুক্তি আনছে Genesis

Fingerprint sensor Smart Car: From Face Unlock to fingerprint sensor, Genesis brings smartphone-like technology to cars

What if your car recognizes your face and opens the door on its own?

Fingerprint sensor Smart Car: OR

if the car automatically opens the song of your choice after opening the door, isn’t it funny?

Fingerprint sensor Smart CarHowever, these can only be seen in science fiction stories or movies. But in reality, with the help of Face Connect Technology of Genesis, a luxury carmaker, such a thing is possible today. The company said that they have developed the technology for smart cars in the form of Face ID of smartphones. Which can recognize the faces of passengers and drivers, can close or open doors without smart keys, and much more.

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Fingerprint sensor Smart Car: How will Genesis’ Face Connect Technology work?

After Genesis‘s Face Connect technology detects the driver’s face, it will sync with his profile. The car will automatically adjust the driver’s seat, taking information from the profile about how high or low the driver’s seat is. The car will also automatically adjust the head-up display, steering wheel, side mirror, and infotainment system to the driver’s liking.

At the heart of Genesis’ Face Connect technology is a near-infra-red camera, capable of face recognition in any environment, even in the dark. It can also detect whether a face is pre-registered in the vehicle system.

The point of the technology is that there is no need to carry a car key at all times. Whether the keys are left in the car or not, the car lock-unlock will be done in a pinch, courtesy of Genesis Face Connect technology.

According to Genesis, the Face Connect system can save two faces for each vehicle. Those faces are encrypted in the car thus reducing the security risk. The company has announced another security system like smartphones – Fingerprint Authentication. Without a smartphone or smart key, the driver can take full control of the vehicle with his fingerprints.

Jennis plans to apply the technology to their upcoming GV60 model. These will be added to each of the company’s vehicles as a feature later.

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