GATE 2022 Site Not Working Toaday | Fixed Issue or not ? Date Will be Extended?

As of now, GATE 2022 registration deadline is September 24, 2021, without paying any late fee charges. It might get extended due to the issue with the website.

GATE 2022 Site Not Working | Fixed Issue or not? Date Will be Extended?

GATE 2022 Site Not Working: Candidates are kept hanging as the official portal of the Graduate Aptitude Test for Engineering (GATE) 2022 is not working at the moment. while the official website is functioning properly, the problem arises when candidates click on the “Apply Online” option. After loading for a few minutes, it displays the message “503 Service Unavailable”. Coincidentally,

today, September 24, 2021, is the last date to register for the GATE 2022 examination without bearing any late fee charges. However, as the website is not working, there is a high possibility of the registration deadline getting extended. Here’s all a candidate needs to know.

What is 503 Service Unavailable and why is it seen on the GATE 2022 website?

This error message comes up when a website is not working or the server is down. There is umpteen number of reasons behind the improper functioning of the website. However, in the case of GATE 2022, the possible reasons for server down can be –

1. Too much traffic and

2. Website under maintenance.

Both are justifiable reasons. What’s odd is that today is the last date to register for the exam. Several candidates have been trying incessantly to access their application form but to no avail. So, they will have to bear the extra expenses if the application deadline is not extended.

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What’s the future possibility in terms of GATE 2022 application process?

This unnecessary expenditure may lead to a brawl between the candidates and the GATE 2022 authorities. Hence, there is a high possibility that the registration deadline without late fee charges may get extended for at least 1-2 days. While this chaos ensues, candidates are advised to visit the official website frequently for any important announcements or updates in this regard.

Date Will be Extended?

First Date Change Notice:  Closing Date of EXTENDED online registration/ application process:  28 September 2021. 

2nd Notice :

  • The end date of filling the online application is September 30, 2021 without late fee. Applications may still be submitted from October 1 to October 7, 2021 with late fee.

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