Local Train time table reschedule from Sunday: Check your train time table | download pdf

Local Train reschedule from Sunday: আপনার লোকাল ট্রেনের সময়-সারণী সময়সূচী জানুন | রবিবার থেকে দক্ষিণ-পূর্ব রেলের কোন লাইনে ক’টি ট্রেন চলবে

Know your Local Train Time -Table Schedule

Local Train time table reschedule from Sunday: Guidelines have been issued to normalize local train services in the state from Sunday, October 31. Local train service is normal after 6 months.

 How many trains will run on which line from Sunday, South-Eastern Railway gave the list?

After six months, the local train is finally running for commuters. On Friday, the state government has directed to start local train service normally. Talking about running a train with 50 percent passengers. There is considerable skepticism about how it is possible to run a train with 50 percent passengers. However, although train services are normal, not all trains are running at the same time. South Eastern Rail has released a list of trains that will run from Sunday.

(শুক্রবার রাজ্য সরকারের নির্দেশিকা প্রকাশের পরে দক্ষিণ পূর্ব রেলওয়ের জারি করা একটি বিজ্ঞপ্তি অনুসারে ধাপে ধাপে ট্রেনটি চালু করা হবে। আপাতত, রবিবার থেকে মোট 48টি EMU ট্রেন চালু হবে।)

The number of trains will be increased later. These trains will run mainly on Howrah-Kharagpur-Medinipur, Shalimar-Santragachhi, Panshkura-Haldia, Santragachhi-Amta, Tamluk-Digha lines. There will be 23 trains on the up line and 35 trains on the down line.

Local Train time table reschedule; Take a look at the list of trains running on a line at a glance:

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Local Train time table reschedule; Up line trains:

6 on Howrah-Medinipur line, 2 on Howrah-Panskura line, 1 on Santragachhi-Panskura line, 2 on Howrah-Amta line, 2 on Howrah-Haldia line, 2 on Howrah-Kharagpur line, 1 on Howrah-Mecheda line. There will be 1 train on Panskura-Digha line, 1 train on Mecheda-Digha line and 1 train on Shalimar-Santragachhi line.

               Main Line Time Table: Download Now

   All Local Trains Time Table: Download Now

Down line trains:

7 on Medinipur-Howrah line, 2 on Panskura-Howrah line, 2 on Mecheda-Howrah line, 1 on Bagnan-Howrah line, 2 on Amta-Howrah line, 3 on Kharagpur-Howrah line, 2 on Haldia-Howrah line, Digha -Panshu 1 train on line, 1 train on Panshkura-Santragachhi line, 2 trains on Santragachhi-Shalimar line, 1 train on Digha-Mecheda line, 1 train on Medinipur-Kharagpur line and 1 train on Mecheda-Santragachhi line.

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