Local Trains New Guidelines From Today: Know the new rules to travel in train

Local Trains New Guidelines From Today: ট্রেনে ভ্রমণের নতুন নিয়ম জেনে নিন। আপনার কি অনুসরণ করা উচিত তা জানুন।

Are you starting your journey in train from Sunday? Know what u should follow.

Local Trains New Guidelines From Today: Local trains are being launched in the state from Sunday after being closed for about six months due to Corona overcrowding. For now, the state has directed to run local trains with 50 per cent passengers. Earlier, the railway workers were busy at the Bamungachhi EMU railway yard in Howrah. While local train services are becoming normal, the railways are looking into some issues.

Local Trains New Guidelines From Today; New Guidelines: 

  1. Sanitation: ট্রেন চলাচল স্বাভাবিক হওয়ার আগে রেলওয়ে ট্রেনের বগিগুলো স্যানিটাইজ করার উদ্যোগ নিয়েছে। শনিবার সকাল থেকে হাওড়া বিভাগের বামনুগাছি ইএমইউ রেল ইয়ার্ডে লোকাল ট্রেনগুলি স্যানিটাইজ করা হয়েছে। ট্রেনের হ্যান্ডেলগুলি ছাড়াও, চালক এবং গার্ডের কেবিনগুলিও স্যানিটাইজ করা হচ্ছে।
  2. Distance rules: The state has allowed local trains to run with 50 percent passengers. The railway workers are not making any effort to maintain the distance between the passengers in the train. Cross mark stickers are being affixed between the two seats so that passengers do not sit in those seats.
  3. Awareness campaign: In addition to sanitation, the railways will run a warning campaign among the passengers. The railways have said that a mic campaign will be run at the station to ensure that all passengers abide by the rules.
  4. Surveillance: Railways will conduct surveillance as well as awareness. For this, the number of railway police in stations and trains will also be increased. The railway police will also monitor whether the passengers are wearing proper masks.
  5. Application: At present local train can be run with 50 percent passengers. But the appeal of the railways is that passengers should not board the local train without urgent need. Eklavya Chakraborty, chief public relations officer of Eastern Railway, said, “I will appeal to passengers not to travel by train unless they are forced to.”

There are 48 local trains in Howrah division of Eastern Railway. 191 trains run in Howrah division of South Eastern Railway. Shyamal Haldar, Senior Section Engineer, Bamungachhi EMU Rail Yard, Eastern Railway, said, “Every local train will be sanitized twice a day. Apart from this, it will be promoted so that the passengers can travel by train in compliance with the Covid hygiene rules. He said, “The infrastructure for running local trains is ready. The train will run as before from Sunday. The RPF and GRP will monitor whether the passengers are complying with the Covid rules.

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