Motu Patlu Comic 2022 | Explain the importance of Tax –launched by Finance Minister

Motu Patlu Comic 2022: This time Motu-Patlu will explain to us the importance of tax. You may be wondering, because how can a cartoon character simplify such a complex thing as a tax? Taxes are a part of our daily routine. Nevertheless, there seems to be a considerable lack of awareness in this regard.

Many theories, starting from formulas, is why children and young people are moving away from it. But now children, as well as adults, will be able to learn about the complexities of taxation in an easy and fun way.

On Saturday, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman launched e-comic books and board games to create awareness about taxes. These books and games have been developed by the CBDT (Central Board of Direct Taxes).

How to understand the importance of tax by Comic Books & Games of Motu-Patlu?

2048 will mark the 100th anniversary of India’s independence. Indian Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman wants everyone to work together to create an environment in the next 25 years that will make children and youth proud.

“Everyone needs to work together for the nectar, when 2048 marks the 100th anniversary of independence, to create an environment for children that will make them proud,” Nirmala said after inaugurating the National Museum ‘Dharohar’ in Panaji.

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Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman Said that;

She said that everyone should be united in nation building. Everyone has comic books, there are digital things to educate people. Comic books, drawn from children’s artwork, give a message to children as well as adults.

It’s inspiring and inspiring for her personally. He further added that in any country, it is very difficult to understand the issue of taxes and people do not feel much attraction towards it.

Therefore, the Finance Minister wants the subject of this tax to be explained in a fun and interesting way to the children.

Motu Patlu Comic 2022: Children’s Pilot Project

The Central wants to complete this special work 100 years before independence. So a pilot project is also starting. Since children do not understand the subject of tax literacy, the subject will be made available to them through comics.

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