New Labour Code 2022 | 3 days off a week, 12 hours work! Since when the new rules?

New Labour Code 2022: The new labor law was supposed to come into effect on July 1. But due to various reasons, it did not happen in the end. The new labor law has introduced several changes. But common people are still in the dark about when this new labor law will be implemented.

In the meantime, Union Minister of State Rameshwar Teli  (New Labour Code 2022) gave a significant update. In writing, he told the Lok Sabha that efforts are being made to implement the new Labor Code as soon as possible, although no deadline has yet been set for its implementation.

Although the Center has not said anything,

several media reports have quoted sources as saying that the Center may introduce a new Labor Code from October 1, 2022. May affect timing. But these are all preliminary guesses for now. So for now the workers have to wait until the government notifies the rules.

What are the benefits of the new labor law?

The new labor code requires workers to work 48 hours a week. Employees can work 4 days a week for 12 consecutive hours. Workers can take two breaks of 30 minutes in these 12 hours.

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The advantage of 12-hour work is that 48 hours of work will be completed in 4 days. In that case, the employees will get 3 days off in a week. For a long time, the employees complained that they could not give time to their families because of their work, it is hoped that soon this complaint will no longer exist.

According to the report, if the employee quits or is fired, the company has to complete the entire process within 2 days. That means joining new jobs will speed up. Currently, the new labor code has been passed by the parliament, but it is awaiting implementation.

What changes in salary structure?

Care has been taken to ensure that private sector workers do not suffer financial hardship during their retirement. And that is why the amount of contribution to PF has been increased. At least 50 percent of the basic salary is required to be deposited in the PF. Gratuity will increase as compared to earlier. But as more money is deposited in PF, less salary will be available in hand.

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Yours Smart Update24 Team
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