Reduce Smartphone Addiction: How to reduce Smartphone Addiction? 5 easy ways to reduce a child’s smartphone addiction, follow it for 7 days, see details here

Reduce Smartphone Addiction: আপনার সন্তান কি স্মার্ট ফোনে আসক্ত হচ্ছে? স্মার্টফোনের আসক্তি কিভাবে কমানো যায়?

Is your child getting addicted to smart phones?

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Due to corona epidemic situation, all educational institutions has been closed and children have no work except study in online mode. In that situation children have been addicted in mobile phone and in social medias via electronic devices.

In addition, everything from regular zoom classes or google meet classes to reading has now become technology dependent. All in all, children are obsessed with computers, tabs, smartphone screens. Not only for the sake of necessity but also through social media such as playing games and watching cartoons.

Now it is the parent’s responsibility to remove their child from smart phone addiction

Despite many efforts, parents are not able to reduce their child’s smartphone addiction. Which is having a bad effect on the baby’s brain. Excessive smartphone addiction can have serious effects on a baby’s tender body.

It can lead to insomnia, irritable mood, stubbornness, mental disorders, anorexia nervosa, obesity and even diabetes. However, only his parents can reduce the child’s smartphone addiction. Therefore, keeping in mind a few things, they need to get rid of this addiction. Find out how to overcome your child’s smartphone addiction.

Reduce Smartphone Addiction; Puzzle solving

Puzzle games improve Shimura’s mental development. Part of the puzzle is a map of the world or a picture is made. Engage the child in such games. To do this at a fixed time. The child’s mental development will also be the result of play tricks.

You can also give a small gift to the child if you can match the time puzzle. It will also give him the desire to play. Remember, do not discipline a child by reprimanding or killing him or taking his smartphone away from him. It is necessary to increase the attraction towards other work in him with care and understanding.

Reduce Smartphone Addiction; Audio book

After taking the online class, the child may not like to read the book again. That’s why you can listen to the audio book of the child. Children will be able to remember the dramatic way in which the story will be read in the audio book.

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Draw pictures

Playing with colors develops the child’s mental development. As a result, children try to create something new. Gift your child a color pencil box. Give the register for the picture size. Ask them to draw as you wish. Playing with colors will make the child’s mind better. At the same time, the skill of drawing will also increase.

Comics’ book reading

In covid situation your child may be bore in study patterns, you can try an alternative way to increase your child’s reading capacity, besides remove his/her boring condition.

Give alternatives

Let your child do what he or she wants to do. Encourage her to do whatever dance, song or sport she wants to do. Then the addiction to smartphones will start to decrease. The time that is spent keeping an eye on the screen of that phone; Try something alternative.

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Yours Smart Update24 Team
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