WB New 3-OBC Category | 3 New OBC category in West Bengal, find out which titles

WB New 3-OBC Category | 3 New OBC categories in West Bengal: Three more titles will be included in the OBC category on behalf of the State Government of West Bengal (WB OBC Category).

WB New 3-OBC Category 2022

A proposal in this regard has been made in the state cabinet on July 8, 2022. The OBC category is the ‘Other Backward Classes’ which includes the minorities and the backward castes of the Hindu society.

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But for a long time, people of other Hindu descent demanded to be included in the OBC category. Among these, it has been decided to include three new Hindu titles in Other Background Classes. Let’s find out which three titles are planned to be included in this category.

Which three new titles will be included in OBC category in West Bengal?

Those three titles are Vaishnava, Vairagya, and Chowdhury. They will get the same benefits as other OBC category citizens in terms of education and employment. The Cabinet has passed a resolution in this regard.

Why are these three titles included in the OBC category?

These communities have previously applied for inclusion in the OBC cast. Moreover, the Mandal Commission had compiled a list of about 18 classes in the state to be included in the OBC class, out of which 150 classes belonged to the Hindu backward class.

However, only 8 of them have been included in the OBC category. The rest of the ranks could not be included in this cast. According to sources, keeping these in mind, it has been decided to include these three titles in the OBC cast.

  • The OBC category is basically divided into two parts. Namely – OBC A and OBC B; At present, there are about 161 OBC classes in the state, including two categories.

It may be mentioned that the Hon’ble Chief Minister of the state Mamata Banerjee had earlier announced to give Caste Certificate in a relatively easy way through the government program at the door.

Similarly, many people were given caste certificates from these camps. He has also launched various public welfare projects for SC, ST, and OBC cast.

Therefore, this generous attitude and good move of the government towards the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, and other backward classes of the state will undoubtedly have a positive impact on society.

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