what causes a person to talk during sleep | Sleep Talking Causes and Treatments

what causes a person to talk during sleep |sleep Talking

This is also a well-known phenomenon in India. This phenomenon is commonly called somniloquy in English. The person with Samnilokui speaks in his sleep but does not remember to speak (sleep Talking) in his sleep after waking up. According to psychologists, it is not so serious mentally, as long as the person in sleep is leaking a secret.

What is Sleep Talking?

Sleep talking is the process of becoming unconscious in sleep. It is a type of parasomnia or abnormal behavior that occurs during sleep. At this point, the person may be talking to a lonely or fictional character. Its content can be any event in the distant past or the recent past or a completely imaginary event that happens in one’s life. Anyone can suffer from this problem but men and children suffer the most.

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Reasons for Slip Talking: 

No clear idea was found as to why slip talking is happening. However, some reasons have come up in the study. For example, excessive stress, depression, fever, lack of adequate sleep, excessive drinking, etc.

Remedy for Sleep Talking:

There is no specific method to stop slip talking. You can follow some directions. It is possible to get rid of this problem by not eating too much before going to bed, not drinking alcohol, not worrying too much while sleeping, and getting enough sleep. Also, avoid sugary and caffeine-rich foods.

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