What is e-SIM Card? Learn its advantages and disadvantages

What is e-SIM Card?: As the days go by Technology is improving so much. With that our standard of living is improving. One discovery after another in the world of technology is surprising the world. A few days ago, Google announced that they will no longer have a SIM slot on their Android phones. This surprised many.

So how to communicate?

They hinted at using e-SIM on Android phones. At the same time, one to five SIMs can be used in e-SIM. For this, SIM space is being sold on Android phones; You will also save on the cost of buying multiple SIMs.

What is e-SIM Card?

Grameenphone’s e-SIM is going to be launched in India. Grameenphone’s e-SIM is available in three ways – Prepaid (Nishchinto), Postpaid (My Plan), Migration (Prepaid and Postpaid). It is estimated that e-SIM usage will increase to 3.4 billion worldwide by 2025. Initially, Grameenphone’s e-SIM can be used in certain models of iPhone, Samsung, and Google Pixel.

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Let’s find out what e-SIM is and its advantages & disadvantages.

What is an e-SIM Card?

E-SIM is a virtual SIM installed on the phone. The full name of the e-SIM is Embedded Subscriber Identity Module. It is not like a physical SIM card. If you buy an e-SIM, it will do all the work including calling and messaging. But you don’t have to keep it on the phone. It is active over the air through telecom companies.

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Biggest advantage of e-SIM

The biggest advantage of e-SIM Card is if you change the SIM company. However, you do not have to change the SIM card. Even if the phone gets wet, there will be no problem with this SIM. Since there is no hassle of opening it again and again, there is no danger of this SIM being damaged.

e-SIM Card?

e-SIM is a short form of embedded SIM. In this format, the SIM will be part of the phone’s hardware.

Normally the phone comes with a Built-in slot for a SIM card. SIM slides into this slot. So users can buy a noncontract phone from the market. Get a SIM from a local Telco and start using it. Wherever there is a contract model, the user purchases a phone along with SIM. The phone is normally locked to that operator or particular SIM.

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